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No More Lost Sleep, Putting Neck Pain to Rest.

It affects your sleep, it affects your driving, it affects your work, you wake up with it and you go to sleep with it. If you are like the 1 in 3 Americans experiencing neck pain affecting your everyday life, I encourage you to read this FREE report as it may be the difference between suffering for weeks vs. suffering for a lifetime.

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"Recognition & Eradication of Chronic Neck Pain"

What's Inside This Report

I seek to give you REAL solutions for your very REAL pains, problems and complaints. This report is based off over 40 years of research and experience and is proof that there are steps and procedures that can be done to help prevent and ease neck pain in the comfort of your home. 

simple tips for side, back, stomach & travel sleepers that will improve the quantity & quality of your sleep. Finally wake up refreshed!!

How your work, play & sleeping habits may be causing, or adding to, your existing neck pain.

Acute vs. Chronic neck pain: why you should know the difference & how it may affect your rehabbing.

Headaches, stiffness & irritability: tips to releif & how neck pain plays a role.

PLUS: 8 simple life hacks to improve posture & relieve discomfort long-term

John T. DeSimio, PT

“I am here to provide people with the resources and knowledge they need to live a more mobile life free of pain pills and dependency. My goal is to quickly and affordably return my patients to doing what they love most”


“John has saved me from two separate surgeries. After a few weeks of therapy /treatment, I was released by John with home exercises that he continued to follow up with me on. I saved a ton of money and feel whole again!!!”


Brenham Resident

I urge you to give this report a read BEFORE you hassle with your network or even begin to think about where to go, who to see and how much it will cost. Fill out some quick info so we know where to send your FREE COPY!

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